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Pest Bird Control

Environmental and Non-Chemical Bird Control


Effective bird control begins with non-chemical measures to exclude birds from sensitive areas and/or make a property less attractive to birds.

Done properly, non-chemical bird control is both safer and more permanent than using chemicals.

But it does require working on ladders or scaffolds and can be dangerous, so many people prefer to call a professional rather than trying do-it-yourself bird control.

Some non-chemical bird-control measures include:

In general, pretty much all of these methods will help keep birds away -- for a while. However, most of the fright devices lose their effectiveness as the birds lose their fear of the devices. Birds may not be the smartest animals in the world, but even they eventually realize that bird fright devices never actually seem interested in attacking them. Periodically moving the devices does tend to prolong their effectiveness.

Chemical Bird Control

In many cases, non-chemical measures are all that are needed to manage bird problems. But sometimes chemical control is also needed.

Chemical control falls into two broad categories:

  1. Chemical repellents, such as Goose Chase, an organic product specifically designed to make grass taste bad to geese so they move on somewhere else; and bird-repellent gels and gooey stuff that is applied with a caulking gun or putty knife to ledges, rain gutters, and other places where pest birds tend to perch and roost.

  2. True avicides, which are poisons designed either to temporarily make birds ill so they leave a given area (they associate their illness with the treated area), or to outright kill them. True avicides are restricted pesticides and are available only to specially trained, certified pest control operators.

Other Novel Approaches to Bird Pest Control

Birds can create a nuisance in all sorts of situations, and many novel and unique approaches to bird control have been tried -- with varying degrees of success. For example:

We offer a variety of bird control chemicals, netting, and fright devices at our online pest control store.

Of course, many people prefer to simply call a pro. Many companies provide professional bird control. One Atlanta, Georgia Bird Control Company has an interesting bird control page (complete with pictures) that you may find interesting whether you decide to do the work yourself, or call a pro.