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Frequently Asked Questions


Who the heck is Scarafaggio, and how does he pronounce his name?

Scarafaggio is pronounced scah-rah-FAHZGE-ee-oh and is the Italian word for cockroach. (It's also sometimes used generically for pest bugs in general, not unlike the Yiddish word vantz.)

Do you get a lot of hits from Italy?


Is this site for sale?

Not explicitly, but we'll listen to offers. If you are interested in buying this domain and/or the entire site, please contact . Please note that this is a revenue-generating site and any offers will be evaluated against average and anticipated revenues, so please don't insult us with cheap offers.

Are you an exterminating company?

No, we are not an exterminating company. The text, however, was originally written by an individual who was certified and licensed in Structural Pest Control, Public Health Pest Control, and Vector-Borne Disease Control. In addition, the site is periodically reviewed for accuracy by other pest control professionals.

Why is this site so ugly?

It's not ugly. It's straightforward, informative, and functional.

If you want something more entertaining, however, then we suggest you try A Bug's Life.

Why can't I see your email links?

We use JavaScript to make it more difficult for Web robots to harvest our email addresses. If you can't see our email links, then the three most likely reasons are:

  1. An application on your computer (such as a poorly-written ad blocker that can't distinguish an inline ad from an email link) is blocking them from appearing.
  2. Your browser's JavaScript capability is broken or disabled.
  3. Your browser security settings are set so high that they are blocking our harmless little email address script from executing.

In any case, here's our email address presented as a .gif file. You can manually type it into your email client if you want to email us.

webmaster at scarafaggio dot com

Why don't the thumbnails work when I click on them?

They do work. We use JavaScript to open thumbnails in new windows that automatically resize to fit the images. This makes it easier to study the pictures while continuing to read the text.

The scripts we use have been tested on standard installations of Internet Explorer 5 and 6, and all recent versions of Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror, Safari, and Opera. They also have been tested on AOL Explorer and have been found to work, with the exception that some pages that we intended to open in new windows will open up in new tabs, instead.

Other than this minor issue with AOL Explorer, if the images won't open or the windows fail to properly resize on your computer, then the most likely reasons are:

  1. Your browser is ancient and/or doesn't support JavaScript. You can download a new one here.
  2. Your browser does support JavaScript, but you have it disabled. You can look in your browser's help file to learn how to enable it.
  3. You are running poorly-written ad-blocking software that's too dumb to tell the difference between a content window and a popup ad.
  4. You have some sort of browser hijacker, parasite, spyware, third-party toolbar, or browser extension that is interfering with your browser's proper functioning.
  5. Your security settings in Internet Options are too high.

Can you recommend a dependable exterminator in my area?

You can visit to find dependable, family-owned pest control companies in most of the United States, as well as a few in other countries.

Do you get a commission from the IPCO for sending people there?


I have a bug that isn't listed on your site. It looks like...

If you would like to see a particular pest listed on the site, please contact , and we will consider the pest for inclusion when the site is updated.

If you want quick answers about a particular pest, please visit and post your question on their consumer message board. There is no charge for this service, and your question will be immediately submitted for review and comment by hundreds of independent, licensed exterminators.


Thank you for you interest in!